Saturday, February 6, 2010


I stay ordinary and weird all the time. Thought of changing myself to a better person, different person, but it didn't work. For now, I'm not gonna change myself coz like all of you say, ''just be yourself''.

Be this be that, think this think that, time passes like raindrops, I'm 19 now :D
Besides feeling, I'm feeling mature in quite alot of ways, which is good (:

With simple celebration at TGIF just now, surprise special guest, a very very sweet strawberry cake really melted my heart. I couldn't ask for more, I thought it was just another normal birthday (: Thanks!

Text messages, phonecalls, Facebook walls.. Thank you so much! I am not only trying to reply but I WILL definitely reply all! :D

Awesome, so what's next?

My life is starting a new chapter soon. I'm graduating :D

Wish me luck? (:

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