Monday, February 1, 2010

My homemade joke

Girl : Hey, you haven't buy any gift for me lately.
Guy : Ya, I know.
Girl : WHY!?
Guy : Maybe I haven't make you mad lately.

Girl : Look, Anthony treats her girlfriend Laura like a princess.
Guy : Wow, that's sweet.
Girl : When will you start treating me like how he does to her!?
Guy : When you become as pretty as her.

Girl : I would never wear this slutty outfit. It makes me look like a slut if I wear this.
Guy : *look* Hmm.. true..
Girl : If you want me to wear this, I rather stay at home.
Guy *look* If you wear this out with me, I rather stay at home too.

Girl : Guys are so dumb sometimes, they don't think before they make decision.
Guy : I strongly agree with you my dear.
Girl : hehe, good.
Guy : If I were smart in making decision, I wouldn't have chose you as my girlfriend.

Girl : My colleague, Jason bought a diamond ring for his girlfriend.
Guy : ..that sounds sweet.
Guy : Ok ok, chill chill. I'll ask Jason if he could buy you one too.

Girl : Hey, we are getting strange to each other these days.. why?
Guy : Don't know.. maybe we are both busy with work?
Girl : You are talking less to me these days.
Guy : Yea I notice that too..
Girl : Is it because of telling the truth would hurt me?
Guy : No, exactly opposite. It's because of telling the truth, you would hurt me.

Girl : Urgh, period pain again.
Guy : Keep it to yourself, no one wants to know that. Disgusting.
Girl : GUYS ARE SO INCONSIDERATE. We girls are taking all the pain, not you all!
Guy : With all you girls' "monthly" complains, our ear is painful too.

Girl : What is the scariest thing for you?
Guy : My diary.
Girl : HUH? What's inside?
Guy : "My date with my girlfriend"

Girl : Which lip gloss you prefer me to use?
Guy : Make-up is gross.
Girl : Why guys hate make-ups? We look prettier with it.
Guy : It depends.
Girl : Like how?
Guy : .. sometimes we want you to be completely naked, including your face.

Girl : Ew, this dress looks ridiculous on me. I can't wear this out.
Guy : I think it's fine.
Girl : I look like a freaking clown with this, is it still fine?
Guy : I mean it's fine to let the world laughs at you.

Girl : Hey guess what, a random guy whistled at me just now.
Guy : What? Really?
Girl : Yes.
Guy : Phew, atleast someone thinks my girlfriend's face is not ugly.

Conversation between a ''Mean Monster" and his gf is super interesting.
I had so much fun creating all those jokes. HAHAHA.

Happy Valentines Day in advance people!

Too early? It doesn't matter you know. If you and your lover are happy together, everyday is valentines day! Or if you're single like me, everyday is a lonely day then! :D So no harm wishing you earlier. haha.

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