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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Everybody knows Japan is one of the craziest countries of all time. This post is all about their products, COOL products I say. Some say weird, funny or useless products. My opinion, I think Japanese people are actually very creative, they are TOO creative that's why they created weird things.

Staying in Japan really needs some creativity.
That country is loco!

Here's my list of the top 15 Japanese products, in my opinion ofcoz'. I had like 20+, cut down alot, and only let 15 of these made to the list.


Like I said, staying in Japan needs to be very creative. How if you're born uncreative? You have no choice, work in other country then. Leaving your poor wife at home is not a good idea. With this product, your wife will have a better life at home, atleast not so much sleepless night. Imaginary husband will be with her every night. Obviously it's a pillow, a man-figured pillow.


Umbrella is useless when it rains.. heavily. With the Umbrella Room, you can literally ask the sky to rain heavier, and say no problem, I'll stay dry like this.


Yeah, you don't need the Umbrella Room when it rains mediumly. That picture tells everything, you feet will be protected and will stay dry and clean.


Every pro gamer has his own hard time. Yes they are pro, but sometimes they just can't concentrate or not on form. In Japan, pro gamers will still be pro gamers, because they have things like Gamers' Vitamin. It's pills, more like sweets, making your brain.. stronger in what you are strong at. Oh & you can pick your flavour, see? blueberry, DHA.. I believe there are orange, apple and others.

11. Food Winder (Cooler)

This is actually very useful. See, when you are rush, you cook instant noodle to settle your meal. But your noodle is so bloody hot, you can't eat it so fast for sure. With the Winder, no problem about that. Guarantee 2x faster. Save time somemore.

10. Baby Mop

Babies are annoying especially when they start moving around. Check out this product, and salute the Japanese. They make the babies to help you mop the floor. What kind of brain could come up with this shit? gosh

9. Sauce Container

Not a regular Sauce Container, obviously. Press the top of your chopsticks, soy sauce comes out at the bottom.

8. Tissue Hat

Ugly? maybe. But very useful.. at the funeral. You wouldn't want to hold a bunch of toilet tissues at the funeral right, here's a better way to keep your tissues.

7. Healthy Cigarettes

Government raises the price of cigarettes, makes anti-smoking ads, camp and all just to ask us smoke less. Good try G, but like we care? We still smoke like there's no tomorrow. Look at Japan, they know no one will listen to them - so they made this.

The company has created a healthy nicotine less cigarette called Mismo. The Nicolestyle cigarette looks like a cigarette and is “smoked” like a cigarette but instead of filling your lungs with poison, when inhaled, it emits grapefruit or mint flavored steam (water vapor) in your mouth while the tip glows by way of a small battery powered LED light.

6. Butter Stick

You will understand how boring it is to put the butter on the bread early in the morning. Sometimes you rather give up. J people say, no problem about that. We have a Butter Stick. Use it on a bread like glueing a paper!

5. Lappie Pillow

I don't know whether it's true ornot, but men like sleeping on women's laps. o_o this product is kinda useless but atleast for some homeless pity men who ONLY miss their women's laps, there, you can actually have such thing too.. only in Japan ofcoz'.

4. Horse Riding Costume (wtf!?)

... Okay, this makes no sense in our living life. Alright, a costume. Good for Halloween I guess, other than that this thing just looks so wrong. LOL. Very creative though.. really.

3. Go to Sleep

Doesn't look nice but VERY useful. In trains and buses, everyone wants to catch some sleep. There you go, keeping your head in a comfortable position.

2. Go to Sleep 2

How about when you're standing? J's say no problem. LOL

1. Maria Ozawa

LOL. I'm just trying to be honest. Who "uses" any of the product above more than Maria? Get what I mean? Atleast in our country here, Maria is more.. well-known, compared to all the other above. Don't give me another reputation, Maria is just too famous among the earth. I'm just a regular follower.

There, top 15 J products. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010



One of those most famous 3 letter words that you always see.
I hate it when people use this word. But I really like it if they use it correctly.

*thumbs up for really fucked up life for them and funny (entertaining) for me :D

Today, my husband dropped me off at work. Ten minutes later I got a text saying "I just dropped the b*tch off I'll be there in a few baby, miss you". I asked him about it he said "I don't know what you're talking about Megan". My name isn't Megan. Not even close. FML

I'm a French girl in England, and a cute boy asked me where I live exactly. When I told him Paris, he answered 'oh strange, I always thought parisians were the most beautiful women in the world'... FML

My boss asked me if I could work on Valentine's Day because there was no chance of me having a date. She's right. FML

Today, my girlfriend of 8 years dumped me. When I asked if there was another guy, she responded, "You were the other guy". FML

Today, I was in a nightclub with my girlfriend, while a beautiful girl was looking at me in the most provocative way. I didn't want my girl to be upset, so I escaped to the bar. Later, I saw this girl kissing my girlfriend... Maybe I wasn't the one that she was looking at. FML

Today, in class, I was sitting behind this very beautiful girl who I like a lot. The teacher said something and I made a joke about it, which made the girl I like and the class laugh. The girl then turned around and said to me, "Chris, you would be the coolest kid if you were hot." FML

I was in India. At the airport, the men and women were being searched separately. The guy welcoming us pointed me towards the women's area. I had to explain to him that I was a guy. It took 15 minutes. FML

I regret that break we took. I thought it would lead him to realize that he wanted to stop cheating and flirting with other girls and be with only me forever. Now I'm the girl he cheats on his girlfriend with. FML

Today, me and my family watched the video of my birth. In the video, when my mother sees me for the first time, she says "God he's ugly!" FML

I lied and said I was late for work because my car's tire was flat. Two hours later, some of my friends came in and said something along the lines that "We should do brunch every saturday, (like this morning) it was awesome!" in front of my manager. FML

The only girl I really loved said to me: I want you to be the father of my child, but I don't want to be your girlfriend. FML

Today, my boyfriend told me that he was gay and that he is in love with my younger brother. FML

My older brother and some of his cute friends came over. When we got inside my mom yells to me "I got you some bigger tampons because you leaked all over your new underwear." They all started laughing. FML

Today, I went downstairs to grab a snack and a glass of Silk (you know, the soymilk). When I get back to my room, I go to throw the snack on my bed to shut the door, but I tossed with the wrong hand. FML

Today, I signed up for an online dating site. After completing their personality quiz, I set the distance to a 60 mile radius of where I live. Then to the country. Then to the whole world. I got no matches for any of the settings. FML

Today, as I got down on one knee, and was in the middle of saying "Will you marry me?", she answered a text message. Apparently it was more important. FML

My child says "Mommy. Sometimes my peepee goes up like a stick." I say "Well, honey, that's normal and ok." Then I ask when it does that. And he says "Well, sometimes when watching Scooby Doo and Shaggy comes out dressed in lady clothes..." FML

Today, I brought a girl home from the bar. After sleeping together, she drunkenly stumbles to the bathroom to wash up. On her way back, she accidentally walks into my parents room, turns on the lights and asks where her clothes are before figuring it out. FML

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I stay ordinary and weird all the time. Thought of changing myself to a better person, different person, but it didn't work. For now, I'm not gonna change myself coz like all of you say, ''just be yourself''.

Be this be that, think this think that, time passes like raindrops, I'm 19 now :D
Besides feeling, I'm feeling mature in quite alot of ways, which is good (:

With simple celebration at TGIF just now, surprise special guest, a very very sweet strawberry cake really melted my heart. I couldn't ask for more, I thought it was just another normal birthday (: Thanks!

Text messages, phonecalls, Facebook walls.. Thank you so much! I am not only trying to reply but I WILL definitely reply all! :D

Awesome, so what's next?

My life is starting a new chapter soon. I'm graduating :D

Wish me luck? (:

Monday, February 1, 2010

My homemade joke

Girl : Hey, you haven't buy any gift for me lately.
Guy : Ya, I know.
Girl : WHY!?
Guy : Maybe I haven't make you mad lately.

Girl : Look, Anthony treats her girlfriend Laura like a princess.
Guy : Wow, that's sweet.
Girl : When will you start treating me like how he does to her!?
Guy : When you become as pretty as her.

Girl : I would never wear this slutty outfit. It makes me look like a slut if I wear this.
Guy : *look* Hmm.. true..
Girl : If you want me to wear this, I rather stay at home.
Guy *look* If you wear this out with me, I rather stay at home too.

Girl : Guys are so dumb sometimes, they don't think before they make decision.
Guy : I strongly agree with you my dear.
Girl : hehe, good.
Guy : If I were smart in making decision, I wouldn't have chose you as my girlfriend.

Girl : My colleague, Jason bought a diamond ring for his girlfriend.
Guy : ..that sounds sweet.
Guy : Ok ok, chill chill. I'll ask Jason if he could buy you one too.

Girl : Hey, we are getting strange to each other these days.. why?
Guy : Don't know.. maybe we are both busy with work?
Girl : You are talking less to me these days.
Guy : Yea I notice that too..
Girl : Is it because of telling the truth would hurt me?
Guy : No, exactly opposite. It's because of telling the truth, you would hurt me.

Girl : Urgh, period pain again.
Guy : Keep it to yourself, no one wants to know that. Disgusting.
Girl : GUYS ARE SO INCONSIDERATE. We girls are taking all the pain, not you all!
Guy : With all you girls' "monthly" complains, our ear is painful too.

Girl : What is the scariest thing for you?
Guy : My diary.
Girl : HUH? What's inside?
Guy : "My date with my girlfriend"

Girl : Which lip gloss you prefer me to use?
Guy : Make-up is gross.
Girl : Why guys hate make-ups? We look prettier with it.
Guy : It depends.
Girl : Like how?
Guy : .. sometimes we want you to be completely naked, including your face.

Girl : Ew, this dress looks ridiculous on me. I can't wear this out.
Guy : I think it's fine.
Girl : I look like a freaking clown with this, is it still fine?
Guy : I mean it's fine to let the world laughs at you.

Girl : Hey guess what, a random guy whistled at me just now.
Guy : What? Really?
Girl : Yes.
Guy : Phew, atleast someone thinks my girlfriend's face is not ugly.

Conversation between a ''Mean Monster" and his gf is super interesting.
I had so much fun creating all those jokes. HAHAHA.

Happy Valentines Day in advance people!

Too early? It doesn't matter you know. If you and your lover are happy together, everyday is valentines day! Or if you're single like me, everyday is a lonely day then! :D So no harm wishing you earlier. haha.

Friday, January 29, 2010

My new friend?

Wait for the big picture to load (if it doesn't) :D Thanks!

I suppose to censor his name but.. I don't think he or anyone would mind :D
Picture above is just for fun, hope no one is offended.

Interesting people back to back, how can I be bored of my life? :D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The annoying orange

Everybody hates annoying stuff. Me too, but not the annoying orange. HAHAHAA
That orange moron is so funny. Video above is the best one in my opinion. :D